Day of the Woman promotes health and happiness

Local leaders attend event geared toward women’s well-being

Around 200 community leaders and other professionals helped celebrate Day of the Woman with a symposium Oct. 26 at the Center for Economic Development. The event, held with the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health, Gloria Hicks and the Del Mar College Foundation, aimed to notify women about emotional, physical and nutritional health.

This was the second year for Del Mar to partner with the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health. They wanted to notify women of all ages to “Be Your Own Best Friend,” and basically how to get and stay healthy.

The first speakers were from San Angelo, promoting positive thoughts and letting all women know that joy is eternal.

“One must not allow oneself to think we are overwhelmed and sad,” said Linda Ross, the institute’s regional director. Ross and speech language pathologist Sharon Kulig also shared tips on how to stay happy for long periods of time. Both speakers gave tips on how to handle stressful situations, and what to do if your emotions get the best of you.

The next speaker in the program was Robert F. Gagel, head of the internal medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Gagel mainly stressed how osteoporosis risks for women are going up drastically. He explained how bones actually get fractured easier than we thought.

“There is a 10-year risk of hip fracture in 75-year-old women,” Gagel said. He stressed the importance of exercising vigorously to lower chances of any fractures.

Lisa Wright, a nutritional health aging specialist, gave a presentation on how to stay healthy and having the right mindset to be determined and happy. She explained how stress and the environment you’re in have a dramatic effect on your health.

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