Monsters, goblins and ghosts — oh my!

Collegiate students raise funds during DMC Fall Carnival
Isabella Gutierrez

With at least seven booths, Collegiate High School was well represented at the Del Mar College Fall Carnival on Oct. 28. The annual event is open to the public and allows the community to come together to take part in fun fall games, great food and a costume contest. Collegiate’s booths had items for sale and games varying from shooting monsters and video games to pumpkin ring toss and bowling.

As high school students and Del Mar college students, our lives can definitely be hectic. This is why events like the Fall Carnival, where Collegiate students are able to get involved, become a fun-filled release from our daily stresses.

Each club that participates gets a portion of the profits, but that is not the sole reason for why we chose to spend our Friday night working a booth. In fact as treasurer of Collegiate’s National English Honor Society, I was aware that this fundraiser would not bring in a grand amount of money.

We had a booth called Monster Mayhem that allowed participants to shoot monsters with Nerf guns to the save the world.

As the night crept on, we were prepared to shut down because the monsters and bullets would no longer be visible. This meant there was a small window for us to raise money.

With this mind, why didn’t we just cut our losses and focus on another fundraiser? Well, the answer is relatively simple. We love the experience. We enjoy seeing kids in costumes having a great time with their families snacking and playing games. It is more rewarding to impact your community in a positive way than make money.

To see if this rang true with other Collegiate clubs, I spoke with Benjamin Falcón, treasurer of Collegiate’s Student Council.

They had a booth in which participants could pick between pumpkin ring toss, spider racing, making your own monster and monster bowling.

“On our side of things the atmosphere was bustling and exciting,” he said. “Now for our most enjoyable part, I would have to say whenever the children and their families came to our booths and enjoyed our fun games. Overall I think our booths were a success, solely because of the joy we brought to the children and their families.”

If you missed this year’s festival, be on the lookout for similar events in the spring semester and even next year’s Fall Carnival.

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