Bluebonnet Room off limits to students

Michelle Reed


Because of problems with vandalism and other inappropriate activity, the Bluebonnet Room on the first floor of the Harvin Center is no more. The student lounge was closed in spring 2016 and has become a storage space for Campus Dining.

“Students were being very destructive,” said Beverly Cage, director of Student Leadership & Campus Life. “The whole top of the pool table is going to have to be refurbished. All the pool sticks were broken and there were holes in the walls from the sticks.”

According Pearl Trevino, an employee with Campus Dining, some risqué activities may have been taking place in the room.

“We saw students laying on the table and there was never anyone to monitor their behavior,” Trevino said.

Student Leadership plans to keep the pool table in storage until it can be refurbished and placed somewhere at either East or West Campus. The pool table was donated to the Del Mar College Foundation in 2013 by a local businessman, Cage said.


Michelle Mirelez contributed to this report.

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