Stay safe and responsible, or pay the price

Michelle Reed

With the semester halfway over, many colleges students are looking forward to the sandy beaches and a break from the books. Safety is always an important factor during spring break, and drinking and driving can easily ruin your future when it comes to getting a DWI or even worse. You can hurt yourself or someone else.

According to Ralph Torres with the Corpus Christi Police Department, area law enforcement agencies will be out looking for people driving under the influence of alcohol and underage drinking.

In 2016, 46 DWIs were issued during spring break, according to the CCPD.

“If you find yourself in a position where you can’t drive, call somebody” Torres said. “Don’t get behind the wheel and chance it.”

Under Texas law, a person is considered intoxicated if their blood alcohol content reaches 0.08. Just one or two drinks can put some people above that limit.

Be careful on the water too. Aside from the safety risks, boating or using a personal watercraft while intoxicated is also illegal.

Apollo Towing is offering free towing service during spring break for the driver only. They will drive you home and tow your car. For more information, call 361-853-0003.

Foghorn News reporter Belinda Barrera contributed to this report.

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