The aquarium is getting a bigger tank

Katie Babbitt

Since 1990 the Texas State Aquarium has had an exhibit idea in mind and after 30 years in the making it’s coming to fruition. On May 13 the North Beach facility is finally opening its newest exhibit: The Caribbean Journey.

People can come enjoy an immersive tour of the Yucatan Peninsula. This new exhibit is 71,000 square feet, which will double the size of aquarium space. People can come learn all about climates never before discussed such as coastal lagoons, tropical forests and coral reefs. Animals they can learn about include flamingos, bats, sharks, tropical fish and more.

While this project finishes up the aquarium is in place to become a global leader in wildlife of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. That’s not all changing at the aquarium, though. With the inclusion of the Caribbean Journey come more exhibits and facilities. The aquarium will now have a Whataburger with a 4-D theater, the only one in South Texas.

They will also have a STEM Education resources center, interactive exhibits and a top floor view of the Corpus Christi bayfront.

For more information about the upcoming Caribbean Journey and other exhibits, visit

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