Alumna, author visits Del Mar College

Brittany Claramunt


Del Mar College alumna Stephanie Elizondo Griest stopped by the Wolfe Recital Hall on Sept. 11 to talk about her new book, “All the Agents and Saints: Dispatches from the U.S Borderlands.”

Before her novels, Griest, a Corpus Christi native, traveled to many places such as Russia, China and Mexico to see the culture and their struggle. Her experience in traveling and being a journalist is what propelled her into writing a novel.

“All the notes I’ve taken at 19 years of age and on led to my first book and then another book,” Griest said.

Coming from a Mexican heritage, she said, she never really took the time to appreciate her culture. “Traveling made me realize how people in other countries appreciate the culture while I ignored mine,” Griest said.

Griest read passages from her new book during her presentation. She talked about Trump’s proposed border wall and compared it to other walls and bridges she has seen. Griest doesn’t believe in the wall and has been advocating to stop it.

“When I went to China and saw the Great Wall, I realized it didn’t keep people out it kept people in. That’s why that nation is so enclosed; that’s what I think a wall does,” Griest said.

Her new book was a 10-year project. The new book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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