DMC tackles civility and conflict resolution

Warren Joshua Maxwell

Del Mar College recently held a group discussion to address conflict resolution and what to do when harassment happens, as well as how it can be resolved in a peaceful manner.

Civility Week is a weeklong event that is held every fall semester at the beginning of September.

The event took place on Sept. 12 and covered ways to handle toxic situations. It also gave an opportunity for students to share and explore ideas together.

“What I hope that people gain from Civility Week is to learn that everyone is human, you don’t know what everyone else is going through so try to be kind to everyone that you see,” SGA president Danielle Garza said.

Garza said the event has had a strong impact this semester.

“People that were concerned in the first week of school having conflicts with other classmates or professors now know exactly who they can contact if they escalate or feel that it’s out of their control.” Garza said.

Lisa Leal-Garcia, coordinator of Student Engagement and Retention, hosted the event.

“We want to have a good learning environment we want everyone to feel good.” Leal-Garcia said.

Civility Week is not only meant to inform students but also for students to tell their own experiences and how they have overcome personal obstacles.

“Students need a safe place to learn, and how vital it is to address behavioral issues on campus,” Leal-Garcia said. “Sometimes they just want to be heard.”

If students have any questions they can contact Garcia at 361-698-1993 in the Student Engagement and Retention office.

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