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Campus carry is now live at Del Mar College and all public two-year colleges around Texas. The administration is busy with the start of a new year; however, there is extra focus on both safety and compliance with the new law.

Senate Bill 11, passed in 2015, went into effect at two-year colleges on Aug. 1. The school has been preparing for the changes since the law passed.

Last year the school sought input and areas the public thought should remain gun free. A list of places that carrying a gun has been prohibited is available at

New signage has been placed around the campuses that will signify whether or not campus carry is permitted in that particular area.

The school has also dedicated a portion of the school’s website to frequently asked questions about campus carry and information for members of the public to access.

During a public forum last year, Del Mar President Mark escamilla and various members of the administration came together to ensure students faculty and staff that safety would be of the utmost importance. They also reminded members of the college that Del Mar College has no say in implementation of the law.

Lauren White, chief of security for Del Mar, was confident the implementation would go smoothly.

Escamilla and White also directly addressed members of the staff and their concerns over campus carry at a private forum last spring.

White said questioning people on whether they are licensed to carry is prohibited under the law.

This bill does not allow for the open carry of guns on Texas campuses. Any firearms must be concealed; open carry is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Gov. Greg Abbott stated in an interview with the Texas Tribune in November 2016 that he felt that campus carry could have stopped the Ohio State shooting. Abbott has always been a strong proponent of gun rights and argued heavily for the passing of SB 11.

Students can find more information about campus carry at or

In the event a student sees a firearm they are encouraged to contact the office of security at 698-9111.

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