Same old zombie story and apocalypse

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has almost nothing new to offer

In the “Fear the Walking Dead” mid-season premiere, patience is tested as Walker and his Nation come to live on the Otto ranch. Jake Otto gives a sharp speech to the people of the ranch, saying they can’t hold grudges and forgive at the same time. They have the opportunity to pave the way for a new and better generation.

Troy Otto’s animosity from the past about losing his father is still lingering and lingering hard. This plot point is addressed in the mid-season premiere. Madison Clark is still dealing with the death of Travis Manawa, her husband, and this is further addressed in this episode.

There is one main thing that still bothers me about “Fear the Walking Dead,” and I probably will never get over it. “Fear the Walking Dead” is supposed to be a prequel to “The Walking Dead,” but still heading further into Season 3 both shows are almost the exact same. The character of Madison Clark has always been too dull for me.

There are three characters in the show that I really like. I like Nick Clark because he’s been there since Season 1 and he embraces death and takes on everything head on. I enjoy Troy Otto because he represents the kind of immovable force that a show really needs.

Lastly, I like Walker because he’s just ruthless and intelligent. At the end of this two-hour long premiere the people of the ranch finally learn to work together with the Nation to build a better world.

When it all comes down to it there’s only one walking dead that the people must face and it’s not the infected it is themselves. You can catch “Fear the Walking Dead” at 8 p.m. Sundays on AMC.

Cast:  B-

Script: B-

Cinematography: A+

Soundtrack: A

Overall: B

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