Volleyball tourney kicks off intramural sports

Chloe Carrillo


Six-on-six volleyball kicked off the 2017-18 intramural sports season on Sept. 19.

There are a variety of sports and activities planned this semester, including fan favorites like volleyball, basketball and football. The 100 Mile Challenge and 500,000 Step Challenge will also return.

The 100 Mile Challenge is when a student has to attempt to reach 100 miles. This can be done by biking, swimming or running. The 500,000 Step Challenge is for people who may not want to do that and would much rather walk. Both run through one semester.

Every week there is something new to look forward to. Collegiate High School students are encouraged to participate.

Kristy Urbick, Del Mar’s intramurals director, said it is important for the college to allow the program to have Collegiate students involved.

“I am really excited that we are going to have a lot of people for our activities,” Urbick said.

“Building those relationships with them and seeing them grow throughout the small time that I have been here is nice,” she said of Collegiate students.

Tracie Rodriguez, principal of Collegiate High School, called it a great opportunity for high school students.

“I really would like students to participate because it really can be both fun and healthy,” she said.

Students who have been a part of intramurals before are looking forward to this year.

“I’m really excited because this is my last year to play and I am able to do it with all of my friends. It is going to be nice since this is the only sport I participate in since it’s the most fun. I’m really glad Del Mar lets us be a part of this,” said Collegiate student Dominique Trujillo.

Roger Marin, another student who participates in both football and basketball, said he was excited about his final season.

“It is always fun competing with new people and playing against rivals,” Marin said.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the season. Visit www.foghornnews.com for a schedule of this semester’s events.

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