Warren Joshua Maxwell


When registering for classes, some students may notice they pay a $7 student service fee each semester. What they may not know is what that fee covers.

The student service fee not only covers SGA and campus events but also student services such as tutoring, counseling, taking the bus for free and paying to use the technology labs. “

It was surprise to nursing major Joy Williams.

“Wow, that’s amazing. I didn’t know it paid for all of that,” Williams said.

The fee covers student events such as student raffles, guest speakers, registration rallies and other student-based events, according to Bennie Clark, administrative assistant of Student Leadership and Campus Life. However, students are not aware of this fact and don’t often participate as desired.

“We try to get students to attend all the time,” Clark said.

Not all students are aware of this fee or how it goes toward many of the campus friendly events that take place.

“The college sends students emails and post fliers before many events to boost attendance,” Clark said.

Some students are not aware that the $7 service fee they pay every semester automatically makes them a member of the Student Government Association.

“If you have any issues on campus with students or faculty they’re the ones to turn to they are your voice on campus,” Clark said.

The SGA meets to discuss student affairs and convey ideas regarding how students’ needs are being addressed.

“I feel that students don’t utilize it to the extent that they should they can get their concerns and questions met by administration” said John Beauford, SGA communications officer.

The student service fee provides official student clubs with an initial club fund that they can use for any club purposes. Clubs can hold fundraisers and events to raise their own funds as long as they meet club requirements. Funds are distributed by the business office and are divided evenly.

Students can become more aware of campus events through checking their student emails and by checking the calendar of events that can be acquired through the Student Leadership and Campus Life office located in the Harvin Center.

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