‘Big Little Lies’ brings big truths



One off the biggest winners of this year’s Emmy Awards was HBO’s adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies.” The limited series, which ran earlier this year, touched on a multitude of topics affecting women in today’s society.

The series tackle topics such as domestic violence, rape and the stigmas women face both inside and outside of the workforce.

Many have praised the show for tackling these topics. Nicole Kidman even stated in her acceptance speech that she felt like the show did a great job of bringing to light the complexities of domestic violence.

The way in which the show tackled the issue of domestic violence wasn’t the normal fodder for TV.

It touched on the difficulties of leaving an abusive relationship, and how emotional control can keep someone in that situation. The show also tackled the issue of domestic violence between parents carrying over into the actions of their children.

In the beginning of the series Kidman’s character is a former attorney who is now a stay-at-home mom to her twins but she ends up taking a case for a friend.

Kidman’s husband, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is none too happy to have his wife going back into the workforce.

Skarsgard’s character’s desire to keep his wife out of the workforce artfully illustrates how isolation and financial dominance factor into abuse.

Throughout the seven episodes of the series, Kidman’s character seeks counseling, with and without her husband.

The therapist acts as the catalyst for seeking an escape, which is such a refreshing take on leaving an abusive relationship.

Often times battered women are depicted as either needing saved by another man or seeking vengeance, which usually builds with intense training montages and culminates in two sided physical confrontation.

Unlike so many other portrayals, “Big Little Lies” really digs deep into the many facets of abuse and unhealthy relationships.

The cast is full of A-list actors who deliver stellar performances, the script is well written, and, most importantly, the issues are timely and thought provoking.

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