Jane Bouquard Ibanez


Fine dining and college students mingling are two things not often seen together. But they can help further one’s career.

The Career Development Center held business etiquette lunch and dinners event on Oct. 11 at both East and West campuses. The college welcomed Jane Bourquard Ibanez, a business consultant and motivational speaker, for the events.

Ibanez taught students how to eat properly and how to act when they are eating a meal with their employer or representing their employer.

Students were told what to order, how to eat and how to mind their table manners.

“It is important of how you present yourself,” Ibanez said. “Do not have your phone in your face because it could cost you that job.”

She also urged students, “when preparing your resume you can put that you have taken an etiquette course and your employer can send you on important business luncheons or dinners.”

Ibanez was joined by employers from Cintas, Lyondellbasell, Frost Bank and Texas A&M University-Kingsville who attended to help answer students’ questions.

Trevor Farley, an employment manager from Cintas, encouraged students to be themselves.

“It doesn’t matter what your job title is as long as you have the skills. That is what they are looking for, long-term employment,” Farley said. “Don’t oversell yourself. Know who you are and pay your dues.”

Darcy Letson, a student studying for a degree in architecture, works for Career Development and was attending her fourth etiquette dinner.

“I always learn something new or get reminded of something I was doing wrong,” Letson said. “The one key thing I’ve learned is be kind. Being kind and being polite is how you want to be treated and that can be transferred into your regular life.”

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