Nightmare on Ocean Drive

Local talent got together on Friday the 13th to compete in a horror-themed short-film contest.

The event called for crew and casting calls through a sign up, and the crew had 10 days to make a horror film to be judged on creativity, storyline and videography.

The short-film contest was part of a three-day weekend festival mainly orchestrated by Benjamin Godina, and was followed by a local designer fashion show that same night. Judges for the contest were Dorian Green, Lydia Blanco and notorious DJ El Dusty.

Although the event featured local artists specifically, out-of-town artists were invited by Godina to make an appearance and aid attendance to the show.

Kota the Friend, a rapper from Brooklyn, New York, came and boosted morale as a lot of his fans showed up.

“Downtown Corpus, geographically, looks like an alternative universe of Los Angeles,” said Kota, who was visiting the city for the first time.

The emphasis on local Corpus Christi artists clearly shone through with this event.

“It takes other people supporting other people for people to make it,” Godina said about why he chose to specifically use local directors and actors.

Kevin McDermott, one of the directors of the film contest, said he enjoyed the competition.

“Corpus Christi has so much local talent,” McDermott said. “There’s a way better expected turnout than we thought.”


Michael Rodriguez: first place, best storyline

Kevin McDermott: first place, best videography

Kira Hays: first place, best creativity

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