(left) Gabriela Carreon and Sarah Savell talk with a Corpus Christi Independent School jobs recruiter.

Azrael Montoya


More than two dozen employers hit East Campus on Nov. 14 to recruit students and members of the community for employment opportunities.

“We want to get our local talent and keep them with us,” said Walgreens store manager Phillip McDonough. For Walgreens, one of 27 employers at the fair, retail is always a need.

For art education major Moses Hernandez, the job fair was timely.

“I want to make my own money and gain work experience,” he said.

Lyia Calderon, a human resources associate at the Texas State Aquarium, said the recruitment process comes down to the students.

“I think they have a good group of students and a diverse population,” she said of Del Mar.

Liberal Arts Major Kerrie Barrett was another of several students at the fair.

“I’m having problems with my future and I thought the job fair would help me,” Barrett said.

Parole Officer Dominic Camilleri also came to recruit. There’s always a need for parole officers, he said.

“We need people from our community to work for our community. That goes for all law enforcement,” Camilleri said.

Architecture Major Gabriella Gonzales stressed the important of having a Plan B.

There was also a job fair the following day on the West Campus.

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