Center readies students for next step

Warren J. Maxwell

Students often wonder what the next step after college really means to them. Some choose to transfer while others already start looking for employment. Former Del Mar student Victor Alcocer fortunately was well-prepared and found employment in a local refinery with the help of the Career Development Center.

“Securing a career in today’s job market is very competitive,” Alcocer said.

Students have many tools and resources available to them so they can begin their journey into the workforce while they’re still in school.

“The Career Development Center is an empowering resource that provided the confidence to help me succeed in obtaining my career goals,” Alcocer said.

Fernando Garza, career counselor for the Career Development Center, is always eager and willing to assist students in making a change in their lives.

“That’s the important thing — making sure students understand the career they’re getting into,” Garza said.

Students oftentimes don’t understand what they’re walking into when they apply for jobs after graduating. It takes way more than a college degree to get you through the door.

“You’ve got to sell yourself,” Garza said. He added that students need to establish themselves to their potential employer.

“We recommend that students research the company they’re applying for,” Garza said.

Helping students transition from college to the real-world workforce takes more than just a few steps and a good resume.

“Be prepared as possible and do some networking,” Garza said.

Students should be prepared to walk into interviews with a confident and reassured mindset so they can look good for potential employers.

Often students are at a stage between graduation and entering the real world to where they’re ready to start entering the work force. Vanessa Adkins, career development coordinator, makes it her mission to guide students and help them achieve their career goals.

“If there are certain employers that students want to see we make sure to try and have those contacts with those employers,” Adkins said.

Del Mar has multiple tools and online resources that aid students in finding potential employment. An assessment called CHOICES 360 is available for students to use so that they can find out what career is best for them.

“Career endeavors are what we’re here for,” Adkins said.

The Career Development Center is located in the Harvin Center in Room 190. They assist students from services such as resume building and applying to jobs to mock interviews and job research.

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