Mark Garcia

It’s a term that some students may not know about, but one that has the potential for providing them with a solid foundation in social development once they enter the workforce — softskills.

Softskills, which comprise the character traits and interpersonal skills that enable employees to function properly and professionally in a working environment, formed the basis for the professional event held Nov. 15 at the White Library. Sponsored by the Career Readiness Institute, the event was intended to provide students with information and guidelines to further enhance their career aspirations, as well as on job conduct and advancement.

The importance of such skills has been given considerable recognition in recent years as crucial in any student’s quest to navigate efficiently in the professional arena. Strong work ethic, adaptability and proper communication are among the softskills that are most sought after in the modern workplace.

“The Career Readiness Institute focuses on two primary goals, career preparation and assisting students to sustain trajectories on social skills development,” said Jasmin Diaz, activities coordinator for the Center for Economic Development. “Students’ application of softskills knowledge can greatly enhance their impressions on perspective employers, as well as landing the ideal career they aspire to obtain.”

Diaz also highlighted a specialized software program that provides additional assistance for students. Career Locker is offered at the CRI on the fourth floor of the White Library. Its main features include resume preparation and a mock job interview program in which students may record and play back their own answers to various interview questions and analyze their results.

The CRI holds several events each semester to prepare students for their career journeys. The next events are planned for spring. For additional information on the Career Locker software system, contact the White library at 361-698-1181.

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