No Holiday break for college’s ongoing construction project

Work expected to be complete by February 19th

When DMC students and faculty went on break over the holidays, campus construction did not. Students came back to noticeable progress — instead of dirt and debris, structures and shapes have taken their place in the middle of East Campus.

According to Del Mar College, the updated completion of the project is at 21 percent, and projected completion for the assignment is now February 2019.

In replacement of the “old” English building, which, according to the college, was built when The Beatles wrote their “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album, the General Academic and Music Building Phase II is slowly starting to skeletonize into reality.

The multi-connected buildings will include a spacious amount of “green space”, including a courtyard, on different parts of the building. The 127,000 gross square feet project has been not left unnoticed by students who have to adjust their routine around campus for the past couple of semesters.

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