17 students awarded scholarships

Process Technology majors split $54K from new partners

As he stood in a classroom in the Flato Technology Building, the operations manager of ExxonMobil offered students a bit of advice.

“Making good grades is always important. Don’t get frustrated if you’re struggling with time or resources. Just hang in there and stay with it,” John Mabry told the group of process technology students.

Fortunately for 17 in the group, Mabry did, indeed, also bring resources — financial ones.

Mabry, along with Mohammed al-Wakeel, general manager of project partner Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp., was at West Campus Feb. 21 to announce a new partnership between Gulf Coast Growth Ventures and Del Mar College. The companies have proposed building a $10 billion plastics manufacturing facility, known as Gulf Coast Growth Ventures, in San Patricio County.

As part of the partnership, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures awarded $54,000 in scholarships to 17 students.

Process technology major Sabrina Lamb was one of the students chosen to receive this scholarship.

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Your education is your future,” Lamb said after receiving a $4,000 scholarship.

Lamb struggled to contain her emotions as she told how the award is not just a gift to her, but also to her four children.

“When I picked my career path I wasn’t just thinking about myself. I was thinking about my four young children and the bright amazing lives and futures I can give them,” Lamb said.

Fellow process technology major Gilbert Cortinas said he was grateful to be chosen for the award.

“Seventeen students received the gift of education from ExxonMobil and SABIC. There is a story to be heard in every one of us on how this scholarship has impacted our lives,” Cortinas said.

Cortinas, along with Lamb, stressed the importance of education.

“Across the world, people are literally dying to become educated and yet here in America so many people take education for granted,” Cortinas said.

Cortinas said the funds motivate him to go beyond his limits.

“I continue to excel in all of my schoolwork and to make sure that my grades are always on top,” Cortinas said. “What ExxonMobil and SABIC have done is blessed each one of these 17 students with the gift of education.”

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