Hooked on family fun

Class is out for an entire week! Catching up on school work or lounging away on the beach sounds nice, but you may have forgotten that class is also out for the rest of your household. There’s no time to spare when options for family fun are bursting through the city limits. No one is exempt to the hardcore flavors of fun that are just waiting to be sampled.

LET’S GO SWIMMING! Bring out that swimsuit without getting sand in your pants (and avoiding all the wild college students) by visiting a community pool, or the city’s Hurricane Alley Water Park. By going to an establishment where the water is a bit more controlled, your kids are also a little bit more contained. No jellyfish stings here! Hurricane Alley Waterpark opens its doors on March 10 just in time for spring break. Find out more on their website, www.hurricanealleycc.com.

LET’S GO FISHING! Bob Hall fishing pier will more than likely be packed, so for more scenic, quiet moments, the city also offers the Red Dot Fishing Pier (11801 S. Padre Island Drive) for those who like their old-fashioned afternoons. If you don’t usually go fishing, the pier rents out necessary fishing equipment on site. Whether you’re trying to get some peace and quiet for yourself or teach your kids the value of patience, there’s no better cliche than a fishing pole and a sunset. Put that on Facebook, and learn more about the pier on its Facebook page.

LET’S GO OUTSIDE! Instead of going out and trying to catch butterflies, the South Texas Botanical Garden (8545 S. Staples St.) offers its Anatomy of a Butterfly event at 2:30 p.m. on March 17, included with general admission. Maybe your kids don’t like the outdoors, but hey, you can always try. Also at the Botanical Gardens, you can sit in on the Parrot Talk visitor interaction event at 1:30 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s also included with admission, and NO kid can deny that parrots are cool, and neither can you. For more information about these events, visit the South Texas Botanical Garden’s website at www.stxbot.org.

LET’S GO BOWLING! If you’re not as keen on outdoor activities, you can also have a friendly competition at Bowlero, which not only offers outdoor patio games, but also laser tag. Let them have a party. Bowlero (6116 Ayers St.) is offering a spring break discount that lets you go bowling twice a day for three weeks for the price of one pass. Take advantage of this offer and show your kids how it’s done. The kids will also love the variety of video games at the Bowlero. You can learn more about the Corpus Christi Bowlero location at https://www.bowlero.com/location/bowlero-corpus-christi.

LET’S GO LEARN STUFF! If you’re looking to have a more productive spring break, give yourself and your kids the gift of education in downtown Corpus Christi, which offers numerous museums as opportunities to learn a little bit more about science and history, art, and Asian or Mexican cultures. Check out the variety of museums suitable for most ages at http://www.visitcorpuschristitx.org/trip-ideas/museums/.

With the allotted time between the beginning and end of spring break, family fun is achievable without losing a child in the beach party crowd.

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