‘Night Vale’ series adds another witty horror tale

“It Devours” is the latest book released under the “Welcome to Night Vale” media series and the sequel to the book “Welcome to Night Vale.” Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the two creators of the podcast that started the media franchise, this book is sure to entertain fans of the series.

The book tells the story of two new characters to the series. Nilanjana Sikdar is an outsider to the titular town of Night Vale. Working under Carlos the Scientist, her life is ruled by facts and logic. When Carlos gives her an assignment to investigate the strange quakes from the desert wasteland just outside town, she will come into contact with the Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God and one of its most devoted members, Darryl. As she investigates the Congregation, she is caught between her interest in Darryl and her firm belief in the power of science.

When it appears the Smiling God has sinister plans for Night Vale, Darryl and Nilanjana must find common ground between their two very different views as faith and science intersect.

“It Devours” has all the things viewers have come to expect from the “Night Vale” series. It has perfectly witty writing and surreal horror expertly mixed together. While the book itself is a great read for any fan of the series, it is not a self-contained story. It features references to previous episodes of the podcast that while not wholly necessary to enjoy the experience, will greatly enhance the story if the reader knows what the book is referencing. While these references help make the story better, it is still a great read for anyone looking for a surreal comedy to get into.

While “It Devours” is a book made more for “Night Vale” fans, it is not to the exclusion of other readers. This reviewer recommends this book to audiences who want something a little absurd and at times surprisingly poignant.

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