Spring Broke

Enjoying spring break as a college student can be bittersweet, depending on your idea of fun. You’re young, tired of school work and ready to party — BUT, you’re strapped for cash. Thankfully, Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas offer just the right ingredients to a delicious spring break for the broke college student.



The best part of spring break is, undeniably, the beach. Living in the Coastal Bend benefits all of us, especially those who love basking in the sun by the ocean.

12 pack of beer (Bud Light): $10.49, or FREE if you’re flirty enough.

Firewood: $17.99, or FREE if you’re handy enough.

The Beach: FREE, for everyone.

In the Coastal Bend, we can enjoy waterfronts on Padre and Mustang islands, Port Aransas, North Beach and Malaquite Beach and Pavilion.



Spending spring break with your buddies? A great way to live fast is to party until the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of places to party your little heart out in Corpus Christi, where the city sleeps, but a bit later.

A popping outfit: $15-$20 at your local secondhand shop, or FREE if you’re fashionable enough.

Fireball Shots: $2, or FREE if you’re friendly enough

A safe ride: Cost of an Uber home depends on location, or FREE if your family is still awake.

Some of the most notorious spots in Corpus Christi include Ropers on Everhart Road, Club Pure and Rio on Staples, Club Iconic on Alameda and Vino Mio on Staples.




Corpus Christi offers plenty of unique attractions that eager travelers often fly in to see. For a fun time on spring break, locals can enjoy their vacation within the city limits.

Rent a bike downtown: $3, or FREE if you ride it for under an hour.

Visit to the Art Museum of South Texas: $4 with your student ID, or FREE for if you can pass for under 12 years old.

Catch a local band performance in your area: Cost of tickets varies, or FREE if you can get in with the band.

Some of the best places in Corpus Christi include the Zagster bike stops, the Art Museum of South Texas and music venues such as House of Rock, The NASA, Concrete Street and the Surf Club.



Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in your room alone or with friends with absolutely NO responsibilities. Achieving that isn’t a far task for the committed do-nothing college student.

A day off from work: One day’s salary, or FREE if you just don’t think about it.

Dominos Pizza: $10.99, or FREE if you have Piece of the Pie Rewards.

Netflix: $10 monthly, or FREE if you’re mooching off of your roommate.

Doing nothing on spring break is the second best thing to partying on spring break. Places you can do this are your house, your friend’s house, your parents’ house, and maybe even your lover’s house (if you have one).


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