Trust us, journalists know coffee

Let us inspire you to try a new type of fresh brew for finals 

Around this time of the semester, all everyone is thinking about is finals stress: studying, averaging grades, looking for extra credit opportunities. Nobody has time to sleep. Thankfully, that’s why someone out there invented caffiene… for the disgruntled college student who hasn’t slept more than four hours in the past week. These are some of our favorites at the Foghorn office that make it possible for us to push for our deadlines.



So, my favorite coffee for finals isn’t really coffee — it’s hot green matcha with coconut milk. It’s only $4 for a hearty glass, hot or iced, homemade and refreshing green tea. I always get it at Greenlight Coffee downtown, along with one of their cute little vegan donuts or something. It’s the only thing that can dissolve my stress during finals without giving me TOO much energy, like actual coffee. Coffee is reserved for mornings.



Me gusta el café de latinoamérica por su olor y sabor a frutas; Island Joe’s Coffee on South Padre Island. Homemade coffee … es un lugar perfecto para relajarte tiene gallery fotográfica y el ambiente es amigable al lado de la playa del sur de Texas. La preparacion del cafe es como hecho en casa.



Cafe Calypso … just straight espresso shots. They’re strong, and bitter, and I really really like bitter stuff. I’ll see if I can figure out what bean they use. Because that’s a thing.



Right now my favorite is the Hazelnut Mocha Coconut Milk Macchiato from Starbucks. The espresso brings the bold flavor out, especially if you do it with bold shots. But with the hazelnut and the mocha it brings out a sweet flavor. Especially if you get it iced.



Dairy Queen has moo lattes that are good! It has ice cream, cocoa fudge, caramel, coffee and whipped cream.



My favorite would have to be the H-E-B Cafe Ole Taste of San Antonio blend. I brew it at home and it’s a taste of cinnamon mixed with chocolate and vanilla. It’s my go-to choice for finals — I can stay awake and enjoy a nice hot beverage while I’m trying to cram away for my government final.



I just drink black coffee. Anything. Drip coffee. I prefer going to Cafe Calypso and getting the African style, like Ethiopian, but I don’t really look for it specifically. Just if it’s featured on the coffee of the day.



I like Folgers coffee, also the white mocha from Cafe Calypso, or also the classic cappuccino. The flavor is strong, but not overpowering. It gives me the chance to actually taste it without getting my tongue burned.

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