Remedy of the King of Kings 

“Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stop; but a good word maketh glad.”

— Proverbs 12:25


As human beings we are always prone to make mistakes, or lean on ideas we don’t completely understand. When the pressures of life get us down our first instinct is to withdraw and build up stress. When we have that surprise pop quiz we didn’t study for, or our kid receives an unexpected trip to the doctor, it sometimes becomes hard to cope with the unexpected.

This is where having faith in God comes into play. As a believer it is not just our Christian duty but also our moral duty to uplift individuals, and be an example of the positive values that God instilled within us. You never know what anyone could be going through, and in the age of selfies and social media it’s easy for someone to put on a happy exterior to the outside world.

We often overlook how quickly life can change around us and sometimes it only takes a swift second for someone’s life to go in a completely different direction. Whether it be a car crash, a pink slip or even just being at the wrong place at the wrong time, it doesn’t take long for someone to lose everything. The reality of it all is that in most scenarios we don’t have any control over what happens to us. We become fearful of the unexpected, and have you ever met someone who didn’t want to be in control all the time?

God tells us multiple times that we are not in control of our destines, and that if we trust in him then he will provide us with the means to live a peaceful life. When earthly problems and desires become prominent in our lives, we become focused on serving mankind and not the creator of mankind.

Oftentimes we fail to realize how much we rely on man and not God. We will trust bank tellers with our life savings, teachers with our beloved children, but we won’t trust God to handle the troubles in our heart. When we become primarily focused on pleasing man this creates an unbalance in our soul. God has already made it clear that he is a jealous God, and one that should definitely be feared.

When we uplift each other and provide a loving word of encouragement it shows not just your character but the character of your faith. Extending kindness isn’t an option for believers, it is a requirement that God has asked of us. When we follow this requirement it doesn’t just please God, but it creates doors for us to learn to love whole-heartedly.

Just remember the next time you’re dealing with anxiety or any other negative thought that God has already given you the remedy, for it has already been prescribed to you.

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