Be an intern for the mouse

The Disney College Program is a college internship that allows participants to live, learn and earn the opportunity to put a world-renowned entertainment company on their resume. Students of any major are free to apply for the chance to work for the mouse.

The Del Mar program is run by Vanessa Adkins, Career Development coordinator, who also has a love for the franchise.

“Each role in the Disney Internship Program is unique depending on what the student’s major is,” Adkins said.

Whether it is sports and recreation, finance, animal programs, etc., Disney will find a place for any cast member. However, this only applies if you can get past the application process. Disney holds high standards for every aspect of their company including all applicants.

There are three stages every applicant must pass to work for Disney.

“There’s three different steps. The first step is definitely to apply through, the second step if they get through would be the Web-based interview, and the third process is actually a phone interview,” Adkins said.

If an applicant has no work experience, they still have a shot getting into the program.

“You don’t need work experience, but work experience is preferred,” Adkins said.

If the applicant gets hired then he or she will spend an entire semester or longer working at either Walt Disney World or Disneyland. The program also provides many job perks for all cast members.

“You get into the park for free and your relatives get in for free so they can come and visit anytime. Another cool perk is that you get to meet people of all nationalities who also applied for the program,” Adkins said.

Disney World allows all of its employees to wind down in their park before work, after work, and, of course, on off days.

“Riding a roller coaster right before you go to work seems like a great start to any day,” Del Mar student Jackson Carroll said.

The Walt Disney World International program allows people from all around the world to attend the same internship program.

“Living with someone from another country for a few months sounds amazing in its own right, but getting to work for Disney as well would be incredible,” English major Alexis Grace said.

For more information on the program, contact Adkins at 361-698-2467 or

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