Fast food question leads to supersized argument

Dear Tina,

My girlfriend likes McMuffins from McDonald’s and I like BOBs from Whataburger. We are always going to McDonald’s to eat breakfast and I never eat there because im not a fan. How do I get her to like Whataburger, so we can eat there more often?

— BOBs


Dear BOBs,

Thank you for your interesting question. Honestly? No one can just have their preference changed because someone doesn’t like it. What you can do though is talk it out with her and see if y’all can find someplace you both like and go there instead.

For example, if y’all like donuts there is a Shipley’s right down the road from East Campus. It takes maybe 5 minutes to get there. Or there is always Taco Bell, as they offer breakfast now, or there are any number of taco places to go for breakfast tacos!

Stripes/7-11 also offers a wide selection of breakfast options if you’re in a hurry.

Hopefully this helps alleviate some of the hunger in your life and makes your mornings more pleasant.

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