Don’t sweat it, read it

Richard Carlson’s best-selling book is a must-read

If the ups and downs of life have given you a run for your money, there are some areas you can probably improve on. In “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and it’s All Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson, Ph.D., everyday challenges are given a new perspective.

From learning how to step back and be patient to strengthening your communication skills between your loved ones, this book is guaranteed to give you a new outlook on life. When life gives you a hard time we often tend to lose control and question everything that has happened.

The book’s chapters are no more than two pages each. Yet, within that short time the author is able to share his experience on certain topics in intense detail. For example, in one chapter called “Mind Your Own Business,” Carlson explains why trying to solve everyone’s problem is self-defeating and makes living your own life impossible.

While the chapter is only a page and a half, the explanation and wisdom he speaks about make up for the shortness of the text.

The book does an excellent job of being transparent to the reader. Throughout the book Carlson is open about his experiences in life and is able to connect to readers so they can have a real-life example to pull from.

While the book is a relatively quick read, the depth of Carlson’s experience really gives readers a new perspective on many everyday situations. For example, when dealing with frustration and irritation Carlson brings up his children. He goes on to say how even though they can be frustrating to handle at times he remembers that his children bother him out of love, and not to disturb his work.

These types of situations are one of many reasons why this book is a must read for anyone going through a crisis of any kind.

While most examples are thoroughly explained, certain ones could have been covered in more detail. In the chapter “Be Grateful when You’re Feeling Good And Graceful when You’re Feeling Bad,” Carlson talks about understanding your emotions and how to better retain a happy feeling in your life. While the chapter highlighted many points there could have been more elaboration.

Even though the book has well-thought-out examples some chapters could have received more narrative than others.

Whether you’re trying to find the answer to a small problem or needing to completely re-evaluate your life, this book offers many relatable and heart-warming sequences to alter your perspective.


Overall: A

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