Robyn is sweet like honey

It has been eight years since Swedish singer Robyn released a solo album. Her last album, out in 2015, was “Love is Free,” which was a collaboration with La Bagatelle Magique, and her last solo album, in 2010, was “Body Talk.” “Honey” is similar to Robyn’s previous albums, being electro-pop and filled with dance beats. Now in her 40s, Robyn is still able to create enticing new music that will be sure to inspire the newer generation of pop singers.

Robyn came to the music scene in 1995 with her debut album, “Robyn Is Here.” The album produced two top-10 singles, “Do You Know (What It Takes)” and “Show Me Love.” Robyn’s second and third albums, “My Truth” and “Don’t Stop the Music,” were only released in Sweden. Her fourth album, “Robyn,” brought her back to international success while earning her her first Grammy nomination. Robyn then released three mini-albums, the “Body Talk” series, which she then released as one full album. She also collaborated with other artists and made two albums, “Do It Again” with Röyksopp and “Love is Free” with La Bagatelle Magique.

Robyn found the inspiration for her new album from a bad breakup and death of a close friend. She pours her heart into the writing and dove more into the production of her album than any others she’s done before.

The first track, “Missing U,” is a somber opening reminiscent of Robyn’s classic single, “Dancing on My Own,” by wanting to keep the memories of one’s past relationship alive. “Human Being” is Robyn being her most vulnerable by showing that no one is perfect, and we all suffer. “Because It’s in the Music” is a soulful, disco bop that has Robyn singing about another song that reminds her of her ex-lover.

“Baby Forgive Me” is a submissive song about the dynamics of a breakup, making you want to cry your eyes out while you’re dancing the night away. “Send to Robin Immediately” is about finding one’s strength after a breakup and getting closure. Robyn’s second single, “Honey,” is the subtly sexual standout track that is dreamy with her lyrics and synths.

“Between the Lines” is the big flip on the album that turns into a ’90s house party. “Beach2k20” is more of a chill song to listen to on your way to the beach or to add to your “road trip” playlist. The final track, “Ever Again,” is about never being heartbroken again and having hope for the next relationship.

The album is a great refresher for music these days. Robyn sings about being heartbroken but being able to move on and be in peace. In a way, she wants us to empower ourselves and remain positive in our own moments of grief.


Final Grade: A-

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