Stress less in time for finals

As the fall semester comes to an end, stress starts to take over and students begin to worry about finals week. However, there are many ways to deal with stress and better prepare mentally for finals.

First, having a job and going to school can be overwhelming at times. Talk to a supervisor about taking time off to prepare for finals week. Time management is important and students should not cram study time. School comes before any job.

Getting adequate sleep is crucial. Students should avoid staying up late playing video games or talking to their significant others on the phone, and especially scrolling on their Facebook feed. In addition, studying after 9 p.m. might become counterproductive and ineffective. To ensure sufficient rest, people should get an average of seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

An enjoyable and interesting way to deal with stress is playing with Play-Doh. There are varieties of colors, and it smells good too; not only Play-Doh, but kinetic sand as well. The sand is therapeutic for the mind. More and more people are turning to kinetic sand, slime and even cutting soap for comfort. Keep in mind, one should not get carried away with it though because it may become a distraction.

Above all, hydration is vital to remaining healthy and focused during study sessions. Water provides the necessary oxygen required for the body and brain. Sugary drinks, especially sodas, should be avoided. Overindulging coffee, or energy drinks, is a recipe for causing high levels of stress.

Keep yo’ dang phones away from you as long as possible! It’s a disease! It’s a cancer! When a notification pops up, don’t do it! Phones are a huge distraction and will only lead to more stress due to incomplete tasks.

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