Let the games begin

Carter Wiggins (left) and Thomas Gonzales Mata grab for Dodgeballs at the start of the game.

Students looking to keep fit do not need to look farther than the gym or their own neighborhoods.

Intramurals plans a variety of sports and games for students this semester including football, soccer, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Giant Connect 4 and the 100 Mile Challenge.

“We want students to be more involved in our sporting events. We host all sorts of fun events and they are free,” said kinesiology major Hannah Reynolds.

Intramurals Director Kristy Urbick said the Kinesiology Department is focused on providing a fun environment where students can be active and meet new people.

“We have traditional sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and flag football as well as other non-traditional sports like pickleball/badminton, disc golf, capture the flag and kickball,” Urbick said.

A intramurals kickoff event was held Jan. 23 in the Harvin Center. Participants could sign up for the 100 Mile Challenge and get information on signing up for sports this semester.  

“Throughout the semester students keep logs and at the end of the semester if you complete the challenge, you get a free shirt. It’s a fun way to keep people healthy during the semester,” Reynolds said of the 100 Mile Challenge. 

According to Urbick, the 100 Mile Challenge can be done at home and there is no commitment to having to come to school to participate. 

Many students work or have class during the events the department hosts and this gives them the opportunity to participate.

Those looking for a league type sport, the intramurals program is implementing registration for volleyball and basketball. They want to replicate traditional sports leagues where there are captains and scheduled games. 

“The IM sports program is most excited about the volleyball and basketball league. We can schedule games and each team will be guaranteed five games plus the tournament,” Urbick said. “We will then take each team’s win-loss record and have a tournament.”

For more information on intramurals, contact Urbick at 361-698-1336 or dmcintramurals@delmar.edu

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