The ultimatum no one wants to find themselves in

A friend of mine, “Tonya,” has been getting annoyed with her boyfriend, “Alan,” and his constant chivalry towards his twin sisters.

His sisters are 22 and still live at home with their parents. Tonya says anytime any little inconvenience happens, they call Alan right away.

Whether it be a flat tire, a dresser needing to be put together or needing help to move their bed around, Alan is there.

Tonya and Alan have some rules when it comes to their date nights: no answering calls or texts and no interruptions during any part of the evening.

Recently, Alan broke that rule when he answered a call from one of his sisters asking for help leveling their washer. Tonya snatched the phone out of his hand, shut it off and started to argue with him at Montana Mike’s.

She feels they are old enough to take care of themselves and if they need help with anything, they should ask their father, whom they still live with.

Tonya told Alan that if he keeps coddling his sisters, she’s going to leave him.

I couldn’t help but wonder: Why would someone ask their partner to choose them over their family?

According to the website Telegraph, all families are different when it comes to being close with each other. There are several ways to approach the situation where one is unhappy with their partner’s family. You can leave things the way they are, try to have a sit-down with everyone to hash things out or learn to deal with the fact that all families are different.

Tonya chose for the sit-down because she prefers to be upfront with everyone.

After a lengthy conversation, Alan’s sisters told Alan to choose between them or Tonya.

He got mad at his sisters and Tonya for trying to split apart the people he loves the most. Alan understood where Tonya was coming from and told them all his sisters needed to be more independent.

Alan promised he won’t be able to help all the time, but he will always be their big brother.

I was honestly surprised Tonya got her way, but when you’re an only child like she is, there is no other way.

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