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“Bonjour! Mi Ami!”

Hola Foghorn readers, I decided to continue my bbeautyyy blog about beauty and style this semester. Today I am incorporating two separate lists with food and beauty products that changed my life! These five foods will nourish your skin from […]

Household products used for beauty maintenance

I’m always looking for the household  remedies that will save me a dime and that can be used for universal purposes. Luckily after reading a wide variety of articles , I came up with the perfect list: Eyebrow brush- Can be […]

Quick Beauty Trends Spring 2012

Quick Beauty Trends Spring 2012

  Women, ladies, girls , females and sisters , we all have a reputation to protect and that reputation is our skin! Whether we cover it up with make-up or gunk on the that thick avocado mask, we put something […]

Its all about the jeans!

Whether its Apple Bottoms or  Miss Me‘s , jeans have been trendsetting their way into fashion. You can find all patterns and accents to compliment your rear area , but  personally I think I have a harder time finding the […]

Yes ladies its about that time to discuss THIS!

What to Wear UNDER THERE.. I know its a sensitive subject, but we all need to know what’s essential and what’s not. So listen up ladies for a list of nesscessities. Low-rise brief- it should hug right under your butt for a […]

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