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‘Bond’ title not a legendary game

Jonathan Garcia / Staff Writer This year marks the 50th Anniversary of James Bond, celebrating the moments of hi-tech gadgets and ordering a vodka martini “shaken, not stirred.” With the highly anticipated “Skyfall” hitting theatres and IMAX November 9th, Activision and Eurocom brings you “007 Legends” for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and coming soon …

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Smartphone apps prove useful at DMC

Angel Amaya / Staff Writer There are more than 300,000 applications currently available for the iPhone platform alone and with all these options, one might expect that at least some of these apps would perform tasks that would allow people to utilize their abilities for an intellectual advantage. Whether a user has an iPhone, Blackberry …

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Review: Game developer must evolve

Omar F. Perez / Chief illustrator Capcom – a video game company well known for the popular franchises “Street Fighter,” “Resident Evil,” and “Mega Man” – has been in the gaming world spotlight since 2011 due to the cancellations of “Mega Man Universe” and the hotly anticipated “Mega Man Legends 3.” As 25th anniversary celebrations …