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It’s the walking, talking and texting dead

Eddie Puente / Associate editor Zombies, zombies, zombies — everywhere you turn there are zombies. And that’s not counting the ones on television or at the theaters. All around you, you can see “creatures” shuffling around, heads down, mumbling to themselves. It’s that 3-inch by 6-inch electronic device that is surely sent from the depths …

Campus Opinions

Opinion: Del Mar youth can learn from their older peers

Dolores Saucida / Staff writer When looking around campus, I see an older generation boldly taking on the task of education again. I find myself very proud of the younger college students who have embraced the older generation attempting to invent a new self. When you reach a certain age you feel that you have …


Movie franchise imagination fuel tank on “E”

Brittni Young Brittni Young/Web Editor OPINION When walking into a theater, it seems nearly impossible to try to escape advertisements for the next franchise movie sequels, remakes, and reboots that are all presented in 3D. Going to see an original movie at the local theater has become a rarity here in America. Franchise producers have …