Backstage with Concept Galaxy

Brittni Young/Web Editor Films and video games have brought entertainment to millions around the world, they are able to bring a world of “make believe” to the very eyes of their audience. This world of make believe only goes as far as the screen it projects upon. For decades those who have been fascinated about the story line and characters of film bring this world to life through Cosplay. Concept Galaxy is an entertainment group who brings the fantasy stories of anime, films, and video games to life.

Treading the murky waters of Kony 2012

Brittni Young/Web Editor OPINION Kony 2012 is a viral video that has circulated its way through the web popping up on social media networks Facebook and Twitter. Kony 2012 is a film made by Co-founders Jason Russell and Laren Poole. The film talks about the rebel war led by the Lords Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony. In the video they speak about the war crimes against humanity Kony has been indicted for, which include abduction, drugging and rapes of children, and using them as children soldiers and sex slaves.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Play Review

Del Mar College Drama department introduces the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde play directed by Professor Kim Frederick. The story takes place during the year 1883 in London, England home to a  doctor who used himself as a test subject in an experiment that went terribly wrong. Now Dr. Henry Jekyll with multiple personalities of his other self Mr. Hyde tries to undo the wrong that had been done from his experiment. The beginning of the play grabbed and slowly lost my attention as Dr. Jekyll was introduced into the scene with his fellow men having a drink and gossiping…