Fall 2023 Editors


Andrew-Pól Clements | aclements@foghornnews.com

Andrew-Pól is a Journalism student who has worked with the Foghorn News for just over a year, Andrew-Pól formerly served as the publication’s Web Editor before taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief at the start of Spring 2023.

As Editor-in-Chief he oversees the day-to-day management of the newspaper and serves as chair of the Editorial Board.

As a reporter, he primarily covers subjects relating to culture, community events, and campus government.

Photo Editor

Nemo Zamora | nzamora@foghornnews.com

Nehemiah (Nemo) is a Radio/Television student and a professional videographer and photographer at his local church. He has worked with the Foghorn News for one year and joined the Editorial Board as Photo Editor in the Spring of 2023.

As Photo Editor, he serves as the publication’s source on all things visual. As a result, he has come to be known around the newsroom as the “Photo Tsar.”

Features Editor

Lola Ponce |

Marie, but more commonly known as “Lola,” is a Journalism student and former freelancer who joined the Foghorn Newspaper in the Spring of 2023 and now serves as the publication’s Feature Story Editor.

She formerly worked with Strange Rituals, a magazine based in the Texas Valley.

She is both a reporter and a photographer, covering human-interest and local community stories, focusing on the lived experience of people.

Multimedia Editor

Heather Medina | hmedina@foghornnews.com

Heather is a videographer and producer who has worked alongside the Foghorn for two years. As of this semester, she has officially joined the Foghorn staff as the publication’s Multimedia Editor.

As Multimedia Editor, she oversees and manages the publication’s audio/video branch, the Foghorn Newscast.

Heather also contributes to the print publication, producing an Entertainment column covering film and television.

Social Media Editor

Ana Alldredge | aalldredge@foghornnews.com

Ana is a Public Relations and Advertising student and a returning face to the Foghorn staff. She served as the Foghorn’s Editor-in-Chief during the Fall 2022 semester, before resigning from the position at the start of the Spring Semester.

As Social Media Editor, Ana manages the Foghorn News social media accounts; sharing stories and building engagement with students and the community.

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