Consider Twitter

After much controversy in the past few weeks about the new Facebook changes, I’ve heard many people saying they are going to delete their accounts. If my last blog didn’t sway you to stay and power through the adjustments, then consider Twitter. With a simple interface, clutter free environment, and status only updates, Twitter may be the social network for you.

The New, New…New Facebook

If you’ve logged in to Facebook recently, you’ll notice a lot of new changes the social network has made. It’s literally like they’ve completely redone the entire interface, which they’ve done in the past. After reading many negative status updates, and remembering in the past how the majority of you disliked the changes, I’m here to tell you: embrace it! The people at Facebook know what they’re doing. Before you know it, you will be adjusted to the amazing new features like the new subscriptions, ticker, tag review, and smart list options. But until you become acclimated, I’m here to…