Experiencing the world on DMC campus

LlaniswebMeagan Falcon/Foghorn

Llanis Potuondo dances with her peers to the beautiful music of Cuba. Potuondo is from Havana and has been living in CC for a year and a half.

Del Mar’s ESOL students held their International Day in the Harvin Center April 6. They took this day to share their cultural diversity with other students. ESOL students played music to set the ambience, and many danced, as an example of how we all move in different languages.

Students displayed photos of culture from their homeland, and some spoke in their native language with other students.

Some exhibited cultural arts by making items that their homeland is popular for. Some even displayed a variety of everyday meals they would enjoy, as well as samples they could share with students

Yuka Katuta (Origami)Michelle Mirelez/Foghorn

ESOL student Yuka Kakuta shares her skills in origami by making cultural pieces students can take home with them.

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