Delicious meals found weekly on West Campus

Natalie Murphy

and Adriana King

Who knows the importance of saving money more than college students? Del Mar’s Restaurant Management students offer great food at even greater prices for fellow college students, as well as the public, who are looking for a good place to eat on a budget.


A couple of other Foghorn writers and I headed over to West Campus to check out Restaurant Management’s weekly lunch made by their students.

Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect from the food but walking up to the building that hosts the lunch I was immediately hit by the unmistakable scent of meat cooking on a grill and it drew me in.

We took our places in line we all grabbed trays, clean plate and utensils and then selected our meal for the afternoon. I chose the grilled pork tenderloin with peppercorn sauce, penne with pesto, green beans amandine and a roll.

Since the portions were sizable, I opted out of dessert and saved myself a little bit of money in the process. I grabbed a cup of free iced water but could have chosen to purchase a cup of iced tea or a bottled soda.

My grand total came out to less than 5 bucks and I had more food than I could finish. More importantly, the food was excellent. The meat was tender and had a smoky flavor but the smoke didn’t overwhelm it, the pasta was well dressed with the perfect amount of pesto, the green beans still had a snap to them and the roll was light and airy.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food that our fellow students turned out on their first lunch of the year. With great prices and even better food, if you find yourself free on a Wednesday afternoon, head on over and support your peers!

Price: $4.71

Rating: 4.5/5


When we heard that there would be a reasonably priced student-made meal at West Campus, my fellow writers and I couldn’t resist an opportunity to eat and help other students all at once.

When we arrived to the Restaurant Management building, we entered and were free to sit at any available table in the small room. We entered the line, grabbed silverware and had an array of choices available, from two entrees to several sides and even a salad bar.

I ordered the chicken marsala with penne pesto and green beans. I sprung for jalapeno cornbread and a peach cobbler desert, but stuck with a cup of water for my drink. My total price ended up being just under six dollars, and there was plenty of food on my plate for it.

The chicken was juicy and had nicely seasoned mushrooms that complemented it nicely. The green beans were fresh and a nice contrast to the pasta, which was a bit heavy, but also seasoned nicely. The peach cobbler was a little doughy but had good flavor.

The place was nice and full of Del Mar faculty and students enjoying one another’s company and work. There were plenty of tables to choose from and you could even see other culinary students preparing food through a nearby window, which was interesting. It was nice to be able to eat and help students get experience.

I would definitely go again to support fellow students and get a nice and cheap meal, which really was great on a college student budget.

Price: $5.79

Rating: 4/5

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