Advising process helps students

Brittany Claramunt


The end of the semester doesn’t just mean finals, but also the rush to select class for the next semester.

With a certain amount of credit hours and no advising holds, students can register on their own. However, it can lead to mistakes like not selecting the right class or taking an unnecessary class.

“Seeing an adviser is better so the students can be getting the right classes for their major,” said Juli Propp, enrollment specialist.

For liberal arts major Zoe Rhodes, seeing an adviser was helpful in planning what classes to take. However, it did lead to some confusion.

“There were a few times that the adviser didn’t give me all the information about a class like on which campus so I had to find out later. It taught me that I needed to follow up on the information they gave me to make sure it really was the best choice for me,” Rhodes said.

Students who are not liberal arts majors are advised to see their academic adviser rather than a general adviser in the Harvin Center.

“We promote seeing the academic advisers for students who are not liberal arts majors because their adviser will know what classes the student needs to take to graduate or what classes are transferable to universities,” said Nicole Ramon, enrollment specialist.

Often times, students could wait hours to see a general adviser, especially when it is close to a new semester.

Speech professor Mendy Meurer suggests students see their major’s adviser rather than a general one or registering on their own because their major adviser would know the best schedule for the student to complete their course work in a reasonable amount of time.

“A trusting relationship can be established with the student and major adviser,” Meurer said.

Another way to ensure students get the best classes is to sign up early. Spring registration runs through Jan. 10. Contact the Student Enrollment Center at 698-1290 for more information.

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