Donate a teddy bear, give some comfort

Annual drive benefits kids affected by Hurricane Harvey

The Early Childhood program at Del Mar College hopes to lend a hand to a child in need with its ninth annual Teddy Bear Drive.

The program partners up with the American Red Cross to help donate stuffed animals to children in a time of need. Last year, more than 600 stuffed animals were collected and given to children who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. This year’s drive will once again donate to kids affected by Harvey, offering a chance for students to help lend a hand and create a source of comfort for children.

“Because of Harvey, and how we are still seeing families affected by that, making it more real for our students,” Benita Flores-Munoz, associate professor of child development, said of this year’s inspiration.

She added that this is an opportunity for students to give back to the community and help children in need. Flores-Munoz also added that everyone has a Harvey story and uses it as an example to encourage everyone to take action.

Flores-Munoz said that once the drive concludes on March 9, they will count all the stuffed animals donated to get a total after spring break and organize a plan of delivery to the American Red Cross.

“We will do one of two things — we will go to the American Red Cross and deliver them or they will come here to pick them up,” she said.

Interns from the early childhood program take the lead on the drive each year. Flores-Munoz said that this semester she only has three interns from the early childhood program taking the lead on the initiative with some help from Del Mar College.

“The college has been always been supportive, so we have donation stations at four different places,” Flores-Munoz said.

For those wanting to donate a stuffed animal to help children affected by Harvey, you can donate at these four locations: On East Campus, you can donate in Room 122 or the lobby of the Center for Early Learning, and another box is located in Room 134 in the Coles Building. Room 126 in the Health Science Building No. 2 on West Campus also has a box set up, and the last donation box is located in the Corporate Service Office in the Center for Economic Development.



East Campus

Center for Early Learning

Room 122 or child care center lobby


Coles Building

Room 134


West Campus

Health Science Building No. 2

Room 126


Center for Economic Development

Corporate Service Office

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