Five DMC students awarded funds from the Art Association

Del Mar’s art association recently awarded five students $750 each in a portfolio competition.

Art major Kyana Gallaher, who has been practicing art since she was in grade school, was one of the recipients of the award.

“Since I was in kindergarten I have always had an interest in art,” Gallaher said.

Gallaher decided to pursue her love for art and enrolled in the Del Mar art program to increase her skillset, and explore her style.

“I realized this is something I’m good at, and I would like to expand on it some more,” Gallaher said.

Gallaher’s skills have received recognition from her instructors as well. Associate Professor of Art Amorette Garza has seen her skills in action firsthand.

“She knows what to look for when she’s drawing something,” Garza said.

Whether it is painting, drawing or even making sculptures from the base up, Gallaher’s skills are apparent in all her works.

“There was attention to the craftsmanship, and attention to the detail,” Garza said.

Winning the award was not just a financial relief for Gallaher but also a motivation for her to continue to strive toward her artistic goals.

“I was really stoked on hearing that I was one of the selected few,” Gallaher said

Gallaher continues to pursue her dream in Del Mar’s art department, and hopes that one day she can make a career out of her passion for the arts.

“Coming to Del Mar was to help motivate me to get back into art,” Gallaher said.

Other award recipients included Esla Garcia, Eustacia Johnston, Rianna Kirkham and Jesse Jay Lopez.

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