Note takers sought

Disability Services keeps students to assist their peers

When students with disabilities find it difficult to take notes during class, Del Mar’s Disability Services provides various ways to help them out, including providing note takers.

Note takers get paid to take notes for students with disability, whether it be from mental or physical impairments to mental or psychological disorders. When one is not able to focus in class or write, the note taker is there getting the notes for the student as needed.

“I can’t keep up with the teacher talking and write notes at the same time, especially with my bad handwriting. But having a note taker has helped me with my studying or when I don’t understand something,” said DMC student Ryan Pena.

Students qualified for the position get paid $7.25 an hour and are able to work up to 19 hours each semester.

“You are already in class taking notes; why not get paid for it?” said Brenda Garcia, disabilities specialist.

Garcia said it is not a qualification to be in the same class with the student, and note takers have a choice to choose which courses they would like to take part in. To apply for the position, students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours for the semester, must have a 2.0 GPA and should be dependable.

“I took this job because it works great with my schedule. I needed a job that would work well with my class schedule, so being able to choose my own hours was a definite plus. Especially, if you need time aside for homework, to study, or your social life,” said nursing major Cynthia Granados.

According to Garcia, many applicants are still needed this semester for the remaining sections opened. About 60 course sections requested note takers this semester, and only about half have been filled.

“If I didn’t have such a tight schedule I most definitely would apply for this job, because everyone needs help at some point in time and it is always good to get help from someone,” said DMC student Chelsie Hale.

To apply for the position, students can go to the Disability Center located in the Harvin Center, where they will be appointed to Anna Lazark, an assistant in Disability Services office. From there, applicants can choose what courses to apply for as well as what would work with their schedule. Once the form is filled out, students will be given a paper telling them where to apply online.

“I have and would recommend students to apply. I have had such an amazing experience with this job. The professors and employers are kind and we all aim to make sure the student is provided with all the notes that are required. It truly is such an amazing community to be involved in,” Granados said. “This is a very high demanding job, plus you do get paid and again you get to choose the hours that works best for you. Especially if you’re on campus all day, and have a two-hour break, you can fill it in with a job.”

If you or someone you know is interested in being a note taker, go to the Disability Services office in Room 188 of the Harvin Center or contact them at 361-698-1292.

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