Spring Break on a budget

The average college student looks forward to Spring Break for partying, drinking, relaxation and traveling. But like the average college student, their money goes to bills, textbooks, gas, and there’s not much left for fun.

Here are budget-friendly suggestions to have fun.


Listen, do you want to be known as a basic college student who would rather be out drinking or as a great college student who devotes their time to help the local animal shelter or homeless center?


Invite your friends, or that cute classmate you’ve had your eye on, over and lay down on a blanket in your backyard and see the stars. Snacks are inexpensive. You can just make some popcorn and put on some calming music and get lost in space.

Forgo the beach

It’s going to be packed like crazy and it’s so far away. Do you really want to deal with purchasing a beach permit that you’ll only use for a week? You can use that $12 toward gas.

Throw your own party

If you wanted a theme, easily come up with an idea from the dollar store. Before you invite your friends over, let them know they have to bring over some type of food or drink in order to come in. (Hopefully they leave their items at your place and you get some free groceries.)

Board game night

Alright, so this is kind of like you throwing your own party, but this is just meaning strictly board games. Who doesn’t like ending friendships over Monopoly or UNO?

Plan out the rest of your college semesters

The early bird does catch the worm, so get started on the rest of your college experience. If this is your last semester, congrats by the way, start planning for what you’re going to do after you graduate.

Hit the gym

Some people want that “Spring Break body,” but why not just try to be healthy all year round? Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can easily run laps around your neighborhood or find a home workout online.

Spend time at home with your family

When was the last time you called your grandparents? What about the one aunt who always got you everything you wanted at Christmas? Go stop by and see them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll slip you a fifty or take you out to lunch. We were all raised to never turn down money or a free meal.

Take a touristy walk downtown

Explore Corpus Christi’s downtown (really uptown if you think about it) area along the bay front. Don’t use your Lime app though, that’s another way to lose money.

Spring clean

Go clean out your room and closet. Find everything you don’t wear, or that doesn’t fit you anymore and you’re just holding onto because it’s that really nice shirt you got out of town and you know one day you’ll fit into it again, and donate them. Remember when you’d rearrange your room around and you felt like a new person? It’s time to revisit that feeling.

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