Vocal Vikings to attend speech tournaments in San Marcos

The Del Mar College forensics speech team, the Vocal Vikings, will be going to their first tournament of the semester Sept. 16-18 in San Marcos. The Vocal Vikings made it all the way to nationals in the tournament last spring.

Director of Forensics Sarah Contreras and the Assistant Director Mendy Meurer have great expectations for the team this year. Any student with an interest in public speaking is highly encouraged to join the team.

The tournaments each have three categories: public address, which covers written speeches and limited preparation speeches; oral interpretation, which covers literature; and a debate portion, where two groups debate a topic.

Contreras stated that the main purpose of the tournaments is allowing the participants to grow, and judging by how far the Vocal Vikings went last spring, they are succeeding in growing. Students with a passion for public speaking and oration would possibly find the Vocal Vikings to be an interesting endeavor.

Anyone interested in joining the Vocal Vikings should talk to Contreras or Meurer, whose offices are in the Memorial Classroom Building, MC 103.

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