What local issues are most important to you this election?

As election day rolls around the corner, we asked a few of our fellow Vikings whether or not what local issues are most important to them this upcoming election?

“The upkeep downtown; there’s a lot of trash. They should have people from the city pick it up.”

— Brianna Garcia, early child development



mikemartinez“Right now, transportation [and lack thereof]. The bus system is great but they have to reroute because of road construction.”

— Mike Martinez, nursing



“Potholes make me so mad when I drive. I think they should have decided to fix it a long time ago.”

— Kaitlan Miller, accounting



omarsaenz“Parking is most important. It seems like they don’t have a place to fit any more parking.”

— Omar Saenz, liberal arts



“Honestly I’m concerned about all these water boils. We spent all this money to make the water safer and we’re going to have another water boil sometime because of the pipes.”

— Kim Hughes, election judge

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