Would you be likely to get involved if you witnessed someone being a victim of domestic violence?

We asked a few of our Vikings whether they would likely get involved if they witnessed someone being a victim of domestic violence. This is what they had to say.

Rebecca Cantu Public Relations

“If it’s in a public setting, I might. It just depends on what’s going on.”

— Rebecca Cantu,

public relations

Blake Schubert Digital Media

“If it is someone I know I would definitely get involved but all in all it just depends on the situation.”

— Blake Schubert,

digital media

Franco Arpulu Mechanical Engineering

“I would because it is my duty as a fellow human being to help out when someone’s in trouble.”

— Franco Arpulu,

mechanical engineering

Marbella Bassett Liberal Arts

“I would because if I witnessed something happen to someone I’m going to want to help them.”

— Maribella Bassett,

liberal arts

Tina Rodriguez Nursing

“I’ve had family members who have been victims and I was a victim myself so I know what that person is going through and I would definitely step in to stop any violence.”

— Tina Rodriguez,


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