What are your thoughts on the red light cameras? Are you against or for them?

We asked a few of our Vikings what their thoughts are on the red light cameras in the Corpus Christi area whether or not they were for or against them. These were their answers.


andrew-arzuaga “They could be calibrated more. If they tracked speed in addition to running lights, that’d be good.”

— Andrew Arzuaga,undeclared







“I don’t mind them, they’re not horrible. It makes people think about what they’re doing a bit more.”

— Bradley Campion, sound recording technology







“I don’t believe it’s accurate. If it’s for safety then I guess it’s fine, I just don’t think here is the right place for it.”

— Max Lopez, finance








“I’ve gotten caught once, but I don’t have an issue with them. You’re supposed to stop at the light so you should stop at the light, you know. It has no effect on me whether they keep them or not.”

— Hilario Garcia, nursing



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