Students practicing on other students

Before every cosmetology student graduates, they must have a certain amount of hours practicing on real live humans. While the idea of letting students cut your hair that took you some time to grow is a little frightening, it is must-needed experience for students to earn.

While we usually review restaurants for “Economic Crunch,” when we learned of the service and two editors needed their hair done anyway, we sent them to check it out.

The advanced dual-credit class takes appointments every week for all the services that are required to get their licenses.



As May approaches and students get ready to graduate, cosmetology students are rushing to get those final credit hours in for them to pass. A student receives credit hours when they practice on clients, which works on an appointment-based system. I was more than happy to give senior cosmetology student Starr Villarreal some credit hours to knock off the list.

Along with the many services offered at West Campus, haircuts and various other hair requests are done for shockingly low prices. I went in with the intent of cutting my hair, but ended up challenging them to dye my hair and challenging myself to trust someone else to dye my hair for the first time. I chose a violet red to somewhat tone down how dark my hair is. The two-hour process was long but definitely worth it, only costing $25.

Villarreal was great. She and her instructor made sure I was comfortable and fully aware of the process. She took her time and really made sure not to miss any strands. I will say that if you have sensitive skin like me, make sure to ask what type of dye they are using because I found that my head was very itchy that night and the next morning. Overall it was great experience and I can’t wait to try anything else the cosmetology department offers!

Price: $25

Rating: 4.5/5


When I learned that you could get your haircut by students at Del Mar, I was instantly interested. Amid my questions on how the haircut would be and if it would be good at all, I decided to head over to West Campus with another editor and see what was up.

After getting lost because I have no sense of direction, we went into a classroom that instead of desks had mirrors and haircutting stations lined up. The class was in the middle of working and were going about their daily school work when we wandered in, hoping it was the right room.

After some discussion on what I was going to get (a No. 3 on the sides and an inch off the top), Vanessa Canavacholo and Rebekah Nicole Lee worked on my messy hair with a slow and steady attitude with their instructors Michelle King and Lissa Gonzalez watching on. Nicole Lee showed Canavacholo little tips and tricks using my head while I sat patiently in the chair

The class was the dual-credit advanced, with all of them aiming for a May graduation date, so I wasn’t as nervous knowing this isn’t their first rodeo.

My haircut was honestly better than when I go to a regular salon. They took their time and they made sure that they did a good job. If you have some free time and want a haircut, I would recommend keeping the DMC cosmetology students in mind.

Price: $7

Rating: 4.5/5


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