Clubs seek members at Rush Week

About 40 clubs set up booths in the Harvin Center to recruit new members during Rush Week.

Rush Week, which was Feb. 4-8, is when Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs, promote themselves and highlight planned activities. 

Sonia Carreon, with Student Leadership and Campus Life, said there are many benefits to joining a club. 

“As far as why to join a club, it has a lot to do with leadership, so they know about being a part of a group, making decisions, making friends and being more engaged,” Carreon said. 

One group included the Del Mar Viking Fellas, whose aim is to help men reach their academic goals and make them leaders. Statistics show that females are at a higher rate of graduating than men, which inspired Tina Butler, club adviser and director of Student Ombuds and Engagement, to help the men of Del Mar with whatever problems they come across. 

“We are about support, service, and leadership. This club is a space for men to come and talk about what is going on in their lives, as well as mingle with other men and learn from each other,” Butler said.

Some clubs have requirements that need to be met such as having a certain grade point average for the Honor Society. Some club requirements will be based on your major or your participation in a certain group, and there are others that don’t require anything other than your participation. 

Several clubs make it a point to help out fellow students. 

The VIking Vibes Club is a group that is made up of filmmakers, artists and musicians to help and support one another with whatever aspect they specialize in. Different members get a chance to perform on a platform during concerts and showcases at the school hosted by the club. 

“This is an opportunity as an artist to begin, get a steppingstone to make their dreams into a reality” said Mauricio Cantu, digital media and TV/radio major.

Carreon said there are 53 official clubs this spring semester, all of which are still open for new members throughout the semester. Clubs are required to complete two service projects each semester, one on campus and the other off campus.

For more information about clubs, contact Carreon at 361-698-1279 or scarreon3@

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